2022 Ranchy Brand Ambassadors

The Ranchy Equestrian will only be adding a limited number of ambassador spots throughout the 2022 year. The more information you give us the better chance you have at earning one of these spots.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Ranchy ambassador! I am very passionate about this program, as I myself was a sponsored Ranchy rider in 2018! 

Before filling out the application, please read the following:

The Ranchy Equestrian will only be adding a limited number of ambassador spots throughout the 2022 year. The more information you give us the better chance you have at earning one of these spots.

As part of our ambassador program we give 10% store credit to our athletes for all sales they personally bring in, in addition to their own discount code for personal uses.

If you feel this ambassadorship is a good fit for you - we wish you the best of luck!


After receiving A LOT of requests for sponsorships from The Ranchy Equestrian, we thought it would be best to outline our program and let everyone know what we expect. 

⁃ End of the year store credit - 10% on personal sales. It's BA’s choice to split that to offer 5% to public to bring in sales, or keep all 10%. This must be determined at beginning of season.

- Personal Discount Code- BAs will be given a personal code to a discount throughout the online store.

- Points system towards year and buckle. Points are earned through sales, as well as assisting with events. Hosting booths, helping with set up or take down at events.
• Set up/ take down -1 point
• Host- 5 points per day
• 1 point = $20

This ambassadorship is not a free handout.

We recommend your expectations not be, "What are you going to give me? and "What are you going to do for me?" but rather, "What value can I add to Team Ranchy Equestrian?"  We want our team members to succeed. We want team members to make a name for themselves. We want to help you grow as an athlete. We also want to grow as a brand, we are still a new company but we believe in team work! The more our ambassadors do for us, the more we can and will do for them. 

We are looking for athletes who are passionate about the brand. We expect our athletes to help promote and grow our brand. We expect you to wear the brand. We expect that our brand be represented with respect and good character inside and outside the arena. We also expect pictures from events, and when possible appearances at our setup locations.

We expect that, our logo be represented and visible when competing. The Ranchy Equestrian brand should always be represented in good character.

We expect communication. We want to know your schedule, goals, injuries, wins and losses. We can only support you if we know where you are.

We expect that you are active on Social Media. We expect that you follow, tag and share us on all forms of social media, ex: Facebook and Instagram. Shoutouts are a plus!

We expect you send us pictures and/or videos in Ranchy Equestrian apparel. These images will be used on our website, promotional material and social media accounts.

We expect loyalty. We are okay with our athletes representing other sponsors, in fact, we encourage it!! We do however ask that you be honest with us about who they are. We also ask that they not be in direct competition with Ranchy Equestrian.

We expect that you help bring in sales and direct business to Ranchy Equestrian. We expect that you talk about us to your friends, and rodeo associations. Your job will be to help promote and represent Ranchy.  

What The Ranchy Equestrian will do for you:

The sky is the limit. The more you do for us, the more we will do for you. 

We will provide patches and other apparel items. At a minimum, you will be provided patches.

We will be a support to you. When possible, we will be at your events. If we are not there we will be sure to wish you good luck and send you motivation the best way possible. 

We will share your accomplishments. We want to see each of our team members make a name for themselves just as much as we want to grow as a brand. We will do everything we can to help get your name out in the rodeo world and support you in your dreams.

We will compensate you for sales. We will send you a year end discount code to be used on our online store.  Each team member has a code that can be used on the website, or booth locations. Name drops work too! If someone gives a team members name, that team member will get the credit for the sale. Details will be disclosed once chosen for the ambassadorship.

This is not a financial Sponsorship.

 We work with each of our team members on an individual level to meet their needs and ours.

If you have questions about our ambassador program, please email Randie at howdy@ranchy.ca

 How to apply for ambassadorship:

If you feel that The Ranchy Equestrian is a good fit for you, please download this application and fill it out in full.

Applications will ONLY be considered if 100% completed. We will be accepting applications until March 1st 2022

The ambassador program contract is for the 2022 season, and will expire at midnight December 31, 2022.



Stay Ranchy